The Henson Menagerie, Bolton, CT

"The Chicken Lady"
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We Like to Show our Animals to The Judges

We like to show our animals to the judges at the fair.

This is Ashley showing her Porcelain hen to the poultry show judge.

This is Lindsey showing her Golden Phoenix hen to the poultry judge.

Ashley again!!

Lindsey showing her Mini Rex rabbit to the rabbit judge.

in the middle row is Johnny, Ashley, Lindsey, Ruthie, Camille, and Robbie showing their goats to the goat judge.



Lori is visiting the Colored Angora "Rose" and the Nigerian Dwarf "Spice" at the 4H Tolland County fair.


This is Ruthie, Johnnie, Camille, Ashley and Lindsey showing their Colored Angora Goats.

Lindsey and Ashley waiting to show their chickens.  This was their 1st 4H fair in August, 2006.


Sometimes Lindsey and Ashley found some down time, but not very often.


Lindsey did really well.  She took 3rd place with her rabbit "Ginger" in 2006

Ashley did really well also,  she took 2nd place with her rabbit "Shadow" in 2006.