The Henson Menagerie, Bolton, CT

"The Chicken Lady"
Llamas, Goats, Poultry, and Fiber Products


At the Henson Menagerie you can't go far without meeting one of our feathered friends!  You will find hens and roosters of all kinds.  If you are looking for egg laying birds, we have them here! 

If you would rather have meat birds, we have them too.  Maybe you are looking for some bantam chickens for pet or show, we have many different breeds.  We sell fresh eggs for eating or hatching, baby chicks, pullets and adult birds. 



We also have a number of ornamental breeds of poultry including Phoenix (rooster pictured here), silkies, spanish white faced and more.  Check out our for sale page or email us for the most up to date list of poultry for sale.


Some of the breeds you will find at the Menagerie include (but not only):

Standards:  White Leghorns, Plymouth Barred Rocks, Speckled Sussex, Rhode Island Reds, White Rocks, Ameracaunas, Wyandottes

Bantams:  Silkies, Lakenvelders, Egyptians, Porcelains, Black Rosecombs, Belgian Quail Antwerp, various Cochins, and more.